Process Mining

Process Mining software makes it possible to visualize and uncover processes performed within the organization. The software makes it possible to analyze processes for automation and efficiency purposes. Thereby comprehensive dashboards monitor the processes and optimizations. Dashboarding creates the possibility to benchmark Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to strive for continuous process optimization.

OptiMinds applies process mining for all stages in data-driven continuous process improvement, from discovery till automation. In process assessments we apply mining techniques for understanding, redefining and simulation, but we are also your trusted companion in process mining implementation, consulting and support.

To support your digital transformation journey, we combine the best business know-how and technology solutions, making use of Minit process mining software by Microsoft.

OptiMings process mining

How process mining works

The software integrates with the organization’s software solutions where the process mining tooling is collecting all the event data. The software then displays a clear visualization of the processes by interactive dashboarding and analysis. The visualization uncovers process inefficiencies and makes it possible to benchmark and optimize certain processes. Therefore, it enhances operational efficiencies, increases team productivity, and optimizes process costs.

Process mining use cases

We apply process mining for objective detailed discovery and analysis of the actual processes in scope. Making use of process mining software we can detect inefficiencies, backlogs and waste, perform root cause analysis, variant analysis, detect automation opportunities, check compliancy, slice and dice in processes, and compare processes per dimension (company, business unit, customer, supplier, resource, activities, and measuring automation rates).