Winter season is traditionally a very busy time at the after-sales service department of Remeha. In order to guarantee a constantly high degree of customer satisfaction, even during hectic periods, OptiMinds assessed the efficiency of the business processes of this service.

The mix of data from workshops, data analysis and on-site observations provided valuable insights to define inefficiencies and quantify the impact on efficiency and customer satisfaction. Based on this exercise we defined potential optimizations and estimated the added value and complexity for implementations.

Armed with the OptiMinds optimization guidelines, the Remeha team started very fast with implementing pre-defined quick wins, followed by team re-organizations. We automated manual repetitive tasks with Robotic Process Automation and the creation of practical work instructions and tools such as quick reference cards and registration forms.

Remeha’s goal is to create a feeling of warmth on a daily basis. They do this by focusing on meaningful product innovations and by anticipation on current and new developments. Their ambition is to create a range of products in line with the wishes and needs of the customer.

Remeha brings heat and domestic hot water comfort. They make the difference when it comes to durability and efficiency. Thanks to the latest gas and fuel oil boilers, renewable energy in the form of solar systems and heat pumps, they contribute to a greener world.