Optiminds is a fully independent partner that specializes in Strategic Advisory, implementation, and Business Adoption.

OptiMinds offers qualitative advice and support in transformation of your financial, procurement and business administration processes. Our experienced business consultants apply a pragmatic approach, delivering you insights and results in a short time to value.

Challenges you may have

Process Discovery & Compliancy.

Software selection and supplier evaluation.

Digital transformation roadmap.

Financial business case.

Increase operational efficiency.

Intelligent process automation.

Spend analysis.

The OptiMinds approach

Many organizations are coping with the same questions. How can I increase the efficiency of the people who work for me, and how can I set up business processes in the most efficient way? To do so, do I need to innovate? The digital transformation of organizations is a trending topic, which leads to the belief that to stay competitive in your branch of expertise, all organizations need to make digital adjustments in the way they operate.

We apply best practices and different methodologies on top op of measurable, objective data, combined with subjective and latent information from process stakeholders. This results in optimization guidelines, an objective advice and roadmap for potential optimizations.

Our approach consists of the following steps:

  1. Data-driven analysis;
  2. Gathering qualitative input;
  3. Structuring and processing all information, making use of
  4. OptiMinds best practices and methodology;
  5. Presentation and elaboration of optimization guidelines, a practical an valuable guideline insights in the actual situation, issues, potential optimizations and implementation roadmap.

OptiMinds best practices and methodology

OptiMinds assessment and optimization framework, decision models, BPM, lean principles, roadmap development, management summary, …

Strategic advisory approach for financial processes OptiMinds

Data-driven analysis

Data analysis, process mining and dashboarding technology for discovery, analysis, optimization and automation of processes

Qualitative input

Workshops and on-site observations revealing latent needs, discuss objectives, issues, challenges, priorities, success metrics, data analysis results and TO BE requirements