Digital Mailroom

With a digital mailroom organizations are able to automates the process of receiving, digitizing, and organizing physical mail. This technology is often used by businesses and organizations to streamline and improve the efficiency of their mail handling process.

This process can either start by receiving physical mail being delivered to a central location. Or by e-mails coming into a central mailbox within an organization. The physical mail will after coming in be scanned and digitized to create electronic copies of the documents. The digitized files are then automatically sorted, classified, and routed to the appropriate departments or individuals. The entire process is often fully automated, with minimal human intervention required.

Digital Mailroom automation by OptiMinds

Digital mailroom in business

The main benefit of a digital mailroom is that it allows for a faster and more efficient handling of mail. Physical mail no longer needs to be sorted, opened, and physically routed to the appropriate department, which can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. With a digital mailroom, mail can be processed much more quickly and accurately, and can be made available to the relevant individuals or departments within minutes of its arrival.

In addition to improving the speed of mail processing, digital mailrooms also offer increased security and better organization. Physical mail can be lost or damaged, but with a digital mailroom, all mail is digitized and stored electronically, providing a permanent and secure record. Furthermore, the ability to sort and route mail electronically makes it easier to keep track of incoming mail and ensures that it is handled by the right person.

Another benefit of digital mailrooms is that they can be integrated with other systems, such as document management systems and workflow systems. This can allow organizations to automate many of their business processes, such as invoicing, contract management, and customer service, further streamlining their operations.

Automatically handle mail with a digital mailroom

In conclusion, a digital mailroom provides organizations with a more efficient, secure, and organized way of handling physical mail.

By automating the mail handling process, businesses can reduce their processing time and improve the accuracy of their mail handling, while also providing a permanent and secure record of their incoming mail and most important drive the customer satisfaction to a higher level.

Main benefits

  • Handle mail more efficient and secure;
  • Automate the mail handling process;
  • Reduce processing time;
  • Improve accuracy of the mail handling.